About Trula

As a child I was awestruck by stories of amazing accomplishments performed by people who practiced yoga, meditation, and other unknown, mysterious healing arts.  I heard of individuals who could stop their beating hearts at will, levitate, and heal physical ailments.

As an adult, I’ve worked in the corporate world for over 20 years as a software developer and analyst.  I have come to understand the need for balance, the ability to find peace and perspective in a demanding, stressful, deadline driven environment with seemingly impossible timelines and goals.

Although I have devoutly meditated since I was 12, I did not take my first yoga class until 2001.  I felt awkward.  I didn’t know the language, Sanskrit, as the teacher recited them for the poses or asanas.  I spent most of the time watching someone else as I bungled my way through a pose.  However I discovered immediately that I experienced the same feelings of peace and tranquility after each class that meditation has given me over the years.  I felt happy!

In the same year as my initiation to Yoga practice, I also embarked on the study and training to practice and teach Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, which in turn promotes healing.  Reiki is an ancient method involving energy manipulation of the body.  It treats the whole person; physical, mind, and spirit.

I have always enjoyed sharing things that have helped me with others.  This led me to co-found a group in Summit County that met regularly to discuss and share favorite books and readings on various spiritual topics, to offer guided meditations, chakra classes, and aural information and readings.  I have taught and led meditation sessions at my company for our employees.

Over the years meditation, becoming a Reiki Master, and a registered Yoga instructor, has allowed me to awaken spiritually, mentally, and physically.  The practice of one has led to the other and all are integrated.  Because each is ingrained as core foundations of my life and helped me in so many ways, I want to share the fuller meaning and purpose I have discovered.

I am offering Yoga classes, Reiki sessions and certification classes, and meditation instruction to those who are seeking as I am.

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