With Trula Daugherty 


Studies have shown the benefits of exercise for many forms of osteoporosis.  Yoga is recommended because of its low impact, less strenuous effect on the joints.  Yoga poses help increase joint range of motion and strength in addition to enhancing one’s overall coordination. 

 Modifications will be taught to ensure moving safely and joyfully in Yoga. Trula will lead you through poses that will strengthen your core and minimize risk of fractures. You will be instructed as to proper body alignments. 

Trula Daugherty is a registered Yoga instructor (CYT 500), Master Teacher and Practitioner of Usui and Karuna Reiki®.  Her devotion to harmony and balance has led to her concentration on holistic healing. Trula’s desire to help others to better health has manifested in her focus on yoga as a preventative and rehabilitative tool for osteoporosis.

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